Pine genome structural and functional characterization

Our group is interested in pine genome characterization through cDNA sample sequencing and targeted BAC analysis. We have collaborated in the characterization of the Pinus pinaster transcriptome in the project SustainPine. We have generated a catalog of 26,020 unique transcripts and a collection of 9,641 full-length cDNAs that is contained in the SustainPine DB and published in Canales et al. 2013.

At this moment our group is a partner in the ProCoGen project. The aim of this project is the increase of genomic and gene functional data in conifer as P. pinaster. Inside this project we have improved a method for cDNA synthesis and amplification from RNA samples obtained by the isolation of tissues using laser capture microdissection (LCM) with the final aim to make Roche 454 sequencing of this cDNA (Cañas et al. 2014).

During the development of these projects we have developed new recourses for Molecular Biology and Functional Genomics in conifers as the cDNA microarrays Pinarray1 (5K spots) and Pinarray2 (8K spots) and the 66mer Agilent custom array Pinarray3 (45K spots).

Nitrogen metabolism

Our group works in plant nitrogen metabolism since 1991 mainly focused in pine (conifer). In 1993 we were the first research group to clone and characterize a glutamine synthetase (GS) in a tree conifer species (Cantón et al. 1993). Since this first approach we have characterized in pine the nitrogen metabolism during the germination and the initial seedling development (Cánovas et al. 2007 and Cañas et al. 2008), the nitrogen recycling during the lignin synthesis (Cánovas et al. 2007 and Villalobos et al. 2012) and the phenylalanine and tyrosine synthesis pathway (de la Torre et al. 2013).


Regulation of nitrogen metabolism

The final subject studied by our group is the regulation of the nitrogen metabolism in pine through the study of the transcription factors and promoter region of the genes coding for the main enzymes in the plant nitrogen metabolism. We proposed a model for a Dof5 ortholog (a transcription factor) in P. pinaster for regulation of two glutamine synthetase gene expression.



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